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The Travel Insurance Terrorism Coverage You Didn’t Know You Had, Explained by Squaremouth

The Travel Insurance Terrorism Coverage You Didn’t Know You Had, Explained by Squaremouth

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ST. PETERSBURG FL June 16, 2017 — After several terrorist attacks in popular tourist destinations, demand for terrorism coverage in travel insurance policies is at an all-time high. Many travelers want a policy to cancel their trip if an attack occurs before they leave. But what if an attack occurs after they arrive?

Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, says many travelers don’t know their travel insurance can bring them home.

Terrorism Coverage Beyond Cancellation
According to Squaremouth, most customers who are concerned about terrorism inquire about Trip Cancellation coverage, in the event an attack occurs where they are going.

But travelers are often unaware that buying cancellation coverage gives them another benefit: Trip Interruption. This reimburses prepaid and non-refundable payments when a trip is cut short due to unexpected circumstances, such as terrorism.

Trip Interruption can also cover a traveler’s cost to return home early, either by rescheduling their original flight home, or booking a new flight altogether.

Trip Interruption reimburses travelers up to a specified amount, typically based directly off their trip cost. If travelers choose not to insure their trip payments, some policies still include a limited benefit amount to return home.

What Must Happen for Travel Insurance to Bring You Home
In order for travel insurance to bring you home, specific requirements need to be met. First, the policy must be purchased before the attack occurs, and it has to be deemed an act of terrorism by the U.S. Department of State or a local government at your destination. It must also occur in or near your destination, and within 7-30 days of your departure, depending on the policy.

Squaremouth’s Terrorism Travel Insurance Information Center explains coverage related to recent terrorist attacks. This resource is updated regularly by Squaremouth’s team of travel insurance experts as additional information becomes available for each event.


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