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MH Ross, Randy from NY – Travel Insurance Complaint

Last Updated:

Travel Insurance Provider: MH Ross
Plan Name: Asset Plus
Premium: $46.00
Customer: Randy from NY
Case Open Date: October 14, 2011
Original Claim Amount: $1,374
Amount Received: $0

Original Claim:
Randy from NY purchased MH Ross’s Asset Plus for $46.00. He cancelled his trip due to a pre-existing medical condition.

The traveler initiated Squaremouth’s Zero Complaint Guarantee after the denial.

MH Ross denied the claim because his condition did not worsen from the time he purchased the policy.

Steps Taken:
Squaremouth reviewed Randy’s medical documentation and the Asset Plus certificate specifically related to medical injury and pre-existing conditions. Because his injury occurred before his policy date and he did not seek medical treatment until after he purchased travel insurance, Squaremouth determined that MH Ross applied the policy language correctly in processing the claim.

Squaremouth agrees with the insurance provider. This case was closed to Squaremouth’s satisfaction.