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Travel Insurance Coverage Lessons You Need to Learn After Mexico’s Earthquake

Travel Insurance Coverage Lessons You Need to Learn After Mexico’s Earthquake

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL September 28, 2017–– Mexico has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for U.S. travelers over the past six years, according to travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth.

In the wake of the recent earthquakes, Squaremouth explains how travel insurance can provide coverage when an earthquake impacts your trip.

The Earthquake Occurs Before Your Trip

Mexico’s earthquake impacted airlines and city infrastructures, causing travelers to experience canceled flights and uninhabitable accommodations. Travel insurance can reimburse a traveler for nonrefundable and prepaid expenses if their accommodations were made unsafe, or if their flight was canceled or delayed for a certain amount of time. These reimbursements can cover things like prepaid airline tickets, hotel reservations, and excursions.

The Earthquake Delays Your Trip

After the Mexico City International Airport temporarily suspended operation, many travelers found themselves with canceled or delayed flights. Travel insurance can reimburse a traveler if their flight is canceled or delayed, as well as cover costs they spent during their delay, such as food and accommodations. Many policies also provide reimbursement if a traveler had to book a new flight to continue to their destination.

The Earthquake Occurs During Your Trip

Following Mexico’s earthquake, travelers with damaged accommodations needed somewhere safe to go. Travel insurance can reimburse travelers for unused trip costs and transportation home if they needed to leave because their accommodations had a power outage or were made uninhabitable.

Likewise, if a traveler is injured and requires medical attention, they may be reimbursed for medical expenses and in some cases evacuated home if deemed necessary.

Squaremouth created the Mexico Earthquake and Travel Insurance Information Center with up-to-date information for travelers whose trips are affected by the earthquake, including answers to FAQs and statements from travel insurance providers. The information center will be updated regularly by Squaremouth’s team of travel insurance experts.

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