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The Travel Insurance Coverage You May Not Know You Have for Hurricane Irma

The Travel Insurance Coverage You May Not Know You Have for Hurricane Irma

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ST. PETERSBURG FL September 8, 2017 — Florida residents are the second most frequent travelers in the U.S., according to sales data from leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth. With Hurricane Irma halting travel and threatening Florida, residents may be unaware of the coverage they have.

Travel insurance policies with the Trip Cancellation benefit have Hurricane & Weather coverage for travelers who can’t take their trips because of severe weather. Most travelers assume this only covers storms at their destination, but many aren’t aware that this can also cover trips impacted by storms at their home.

Travel Insurance Coverage if There’s a Hurricane Advisory
Some travel insurance policies have cancellation coverage if a hurricane advisory is issued in the city a traveler is scheduled to fly out of. While a “hurricane watch” is not enough to be covered to cancel a trip with travel insurance, a “hurricane warning” in a traveler’s departure city can be.

Travel Insurance Coverage if Your Home is Damaged by the Storm
Many travel insurance policies can refund a traveler’s entire trip cost if they cancel their trip because their home is rendered uninhabitable by a hurricane.

If high winds or flooding from Irma cause significant damage to a traveler’s home, they may be refunded to cancel as long as they bought their policy before the storm was named on August 30th. Some policies can also refund travelers if their place of work is rendered uninhabitable by the storm.

Squaremouth created the Hurricane Irma and Travel Insurance Information Center with up-to-date information for travelers whose trips are affected by the storm, including answers to frequently asked questions and position statements from travel insurance providers. The information center will be updated as events unfold and new information becomes available.

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