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Make the Most of Off-Season Cruise Deals

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL October 18, 2012 – The all-inclusive nature of cruises makes for one of the easiest ways for travelers to plan an easy, relaxing vacation. When the summer travel season ends, cruise lines offer greatly reduced fares to fill staterooms during the low season. Unfortunately, the threat of unpredictable weather still exists, as the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Hurricane seasons have yet to end. According to travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, while cruising during hurricane season can be an inexpensive time to travel, it may also be the most important time to purchase travel insurance.

Travel insurance benefits may provide peace of mind to cruise-goers who want to take advantage of the season’s best cruise deals while protecting themselves from the unforeseen. “‘Missed connection’ is one of the most common benefits utilized by cruisers,” explains Chris Harvey, CEO of Squaremouth. “Travel delays are frustrating for any traveler, but for those taking cruises, they can be particularly detrimental and expensive when they result in missed cruise departures.” Missed connection, often included in trip interruption benefits, may assist travelers in “catching up” with scheduled itineraries, helping them to salvage vacations from weather disasters.

Many providers on include these benefits. For example, the TravelSafe Classic Plus plan includes $2,500 of coverage per person after a 3-hour delay. The benefit will reimburse travelers for a documented weather condition that prevents them from getting to the point of departure.

Hurricane and weather coverage is another valuable benefit for cruisers that is often included in cancellation and interruption benefits. Depending on the policy, coverage can be triggered after a certain amount of time, which usually ranges from three to eight hours. Cruise-goers concerned about the impact of weather on their trips should purchase a policy that includes comprehensive weather-related benefits. Travelers can look for coverage for inclement weather, natural disasters, complete cessation of common carriers, and accommodations made uninhabitable at a destination.

To make the most of a travel insurance policy, Squaremouth recommends purchasing travel insurance as close to the initial deposit date as possible. Not only will this maximize the benefits of a policy, but it will also ensure that travelers are eligible for time-sensitive weather benefits. For instance, Global Alert Administrator’s Global Alert Preferred policy allows trip cancellation within 24 hours of the departure date due to an issued hurricane warning at the destination as long as it occurs more than 15 days following the effective date of coverage.

Travelers can book a Caribbean cruise this time of year for a fraction of the cost during peak season, but without insurance, the money saved may be negated by unexpected expenses. Travel insurance may be a small added cost when compared to losses associated with weather. It is important to remember that coverage varies between policies and providers, and not all travel insurance policies will include the aforementioned benefits. provides visitors with the tools to search and compare policies that include the benefits they need. For more information on weather-related travel benefits, travelers are encouraged to contact Squaremouth at (800) 240-0369. Licensed representatives are available to assist Monday-Friday, from 9am to 9pm ET.

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