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2014 Flight Predictions, International Travel Checklist, and Digital Travel Trends

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Predictions for Air Travel in 2014
Several years ago, the ability to check-in to a flight online became the latest trend in convenient travel. Since that time, in-air WIFI and improvements to seating comfort have become the the latest luxuries of travel. But what will 2014 hold? Talk of tighter seats and cell phone calls from air have been made headlines in 2013. RoamRight helps provide predictions for air travel in 2014 here.

International Travel Checklist
Travel can be exciting, adventurous and relaxing. But the process of getting to a particular destination is usually described differently. Airport lines, flight delays, lost baggage and security checkpoints can cause stress for many travelers, even more-so for those traveling internationally. Fortunately, there are several steps international travelers can take to help ease the burden of traveling and arriving in their destination. Sure, travelers may know where their passport is, but do they know what type of power outlet their destination uses, or if they are required to be vaccinated? RoamRight offers a ten step checklist to prevent from become overly stressed when traveling internationally.

Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Travel?
Social media has made a home in the travel world, connecting stranded passengers with new flights and providing updates on travel delays in real time. So, MedJet Assist asked their customers if they thought social media has helped or hurt travel. An overwhelming 72% said helped! Just as social media continues to influence travel, digital trends and mobile capabilities allow travelers to manage and monitor every step of their trip. MedJet offers a few of the current digital tools already available to travelers.