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Benefits of Third-Party Cruise Insurance

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To cruise or not to cruise? With the Costa Concordia tragedy still looming in travelers’ minds, cruise lines expected to see a major dip in the number of cruise-goers this year.

Six months post-accident, the Tampa Bay Business Journal reported that the capsized ship still remains on the coast of Italy. To put travelers at ease, cruise lines have ensured the public that their ships are safe and well-regulated. There has also been a significant drop in prices for Europe-bound trips, resulting in cruises that cost as little as $100 a day.

Americans are now looking a little more closely at the travel insurance check box when registering for cruises. While going with the cruise line’s insurance option may be convenient at the time, it’s important to do your research and make sure a particular policy is right for you.

Many times, this insurance option will only serve as secondary medical coverage and will not cover expenses for financial default on the cruise line’s behalf.  Another point to take into consideration is that cruise lines often provide cruise credit in place of a monetary reimbursement.

Third-party travel insurance can protect you in the case of trip interruption or a missed connection.  When purchasing cruise insurance, be sure to compare different policy options. Squaremouth is an insurance comparison website that will allow travelers to compare coverage side-by-side and find the best policy option.