Can I cancel a trip due to a family member’s pre-existing medical condition?

Can I cancel a trip due to a family member’s pre-existing medical condition?

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Many travelers purchase travel insurance in case a family member’s ongoing health issues cause them to change their travel plans. Travel insurance companies refer to these ongoing health issues as Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. What travelers may not realize is some policies may not cover trip cancellation if it is related to a family member’s pre-existing medical condition.

In order to receive coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, travel insurance must be purchased within 14-30 days of the traveler’s first booking date, depending on the policy. When eligible, the pre-existing medical conditions coverage would allow a traveler to cancel or interrupt their trip in the event that they or their family members become ill due to a pre-existing medical condition.

What happens when it’s too late to purchase? If a traveler is unable to purchase an insurance policy that includes pre-existing medical conditions coverage, but is concerned that a family member’s health issues may cause them to cancel or interrupt their trip, there are still options. In this situation, it is important to find a policy where the pre-existing medical condition exclusion does not apply to non-traveling family members.

A traveler should look for a policy that defines a pre-existing condition as an illness, disease or other condition of the traveler or anyone booked or scheduled to travel with them. This would mean that the exclusion from coverage for pre-existing medical conditions would not apply to anyone not traveling.