Travel Insurance FAQ

Can I Cancel During My Trip?

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While most travelers know about trip cancellation, which reimburses them if they have to cancel their travel plans before they leave home, they don’t realize that most cancellation policies also include trip interruption, which covers travelers while they’re at their destination.

Almost identical to trip cancellation, trip interruption allows travelers to end their trip early because of an injury, sickness, death or other covered reason and receive the remainder of their pre-paid trip costs.

When shopping for travel insurance policies, travelers should know what features to look for. Cancellation-only policies end coverage once travelers leave home for their trips. Whereas the more common trip cancellation policies include 100% trip cancellation and 100% trip interruption. For travelers who want extra protection if they have to end their trip early, they should choose policies with 150% trip interruption coverage, which reimburses them for unexpected costs such as airline change fees or last-minute flights home.

It is important to note that policies with emergency medical insurance but no trip cancellation, may still include a form of interruption, but benefits are limited. For those policies, the interruption usually includes a return flight only, so any pre-paid costs would not be reimbursed. And since the cost of the trip isn’t indicated when purchasing these medical policies, the interruption coverage is typically no more than $1,000.