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Delays Affecting Air Traffic Near New York City

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Travel insurance can help travelers in a variety of situations, but one of the more common concerns is an airline delay. The following article from USA Today article takes a look at the increasingly chronic delays affecting the air traffic near New York City.

For airlines, the skies over the New York City metropolitan area are the most sought after in the U.S.— and the most crowded. With roughly a third of all flights in the nation flying to, from or through the New York area, congestion there can lead to rippling delays that ground planes and frustrate passengers from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.

Recognizing the critical role New York plays, federal and local officials are taking a series of steps to keep air traffic moving. New flight lanes are being carved in the skies, runways are being widened and limits are maintained on the number of flights that can take off and land at the region’s three major airports: LaGuardia, JFK and Newark.

Most plans include travel delay coverage.  The Travel Delay benefit reimburses the cost for food, hotel and local transportation during the delay.  Depending on the plan, there could be a requirement for how long a delay must be as well as daily and overall dollar limits of coverage.

When a delay causes someone to miss a connecting flight, missed connection coverage could also apply.  The additional transportation costs to catch up to the trip can be reimbursed by this coverage.

Look closely at different plans since some only offer this benefit for a missed cruise or tour departure, while other plans cover any missed departure.  Like travel delay coverage, this benefit can also requires a delay to last for several hours. More significant delays may cause the traveler to miss parts of their trip.  Arrangements that go unused and are not refunded can be reimbursed by trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source: USA Today