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Do you even need travel insurance?

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As many tighten their belts on vacation budgets, there has been an increase in travel insurance purchases. This makes sense; travelers want to protect their vacation dollars now more than ever. A travel insurance policy can provide protection against many circumstances which could sideline vacation plans.

However, do you really need travel insurance?

Before purchasing a policy, check to see if you are already insured against some of the most common travel-related problems. For example, if you’re traveling domestically, your health insurance plan may provide coverage for medical emergencies during your trip. Similarly, the loss or theft of luggage may be covered through credit card benefits, homeowners insurance, or renters insurance.

If you decide that you still need a travel insurance policy, be sure to understand what you’re purchasing. Make a list of the benefits you require and compare plans which offer them.  The search function on allows visitors to use a variety of filters to locate and compare only policies which include the coverage they are looking for, helping them to find the best price.

Remember that the best policy isn’t always the most expensive one. Based on your needs, it may even be the cheapest one! Remember, if you have questions about a policy, ask them. All carriers are required to provide customers with a money back guarantee of at least ten days, which allows extra time to analyze a policy. In the event that you decide to purchase travel insurance, take advantage of this to make sure you have purchased the right policy for your needs.

Travel insurance isn’t always necessary, but if you do decide to purchase a plan, there are many resources available on Squaremouth’s website worth taking advantage of.