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Fire at the Miami Airport

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This week a fire broke out at the Miami airport and many travelers are asking how travel insurance coverage would help in this situation.  Those concerned about upcoming trips through this airport should contact the airline to find out if there are any itinerary changes and check their travel insurance policy to see how they are covered.  An article from MSNBC provided more details about the situation.

Firefighters extinguished a fire early Thursday that broke out in an area where fuel is kept at the Miami International Airport.

The fire was reported around 11 p.m. Wednesday and was brought under control around 1 a.m. Thursday, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Capt. Eric Baum said. There were no injuries, he said.

“It was a potentially disastrous fire,” Baum said.

When such a situation impacts travel arrangements, multiple travel insurance benefits could apply.

Travelers with delayed flights can be eligible for travel delay coverage and missed connection coverage.  Travel delay covers the costs of food, hotel and taxis during the delay.  Missed connection reimburses additional transportation costs to catch up to the trip.  Both of these benefits normally require a delay last for a set amount of time before benefits are available.

Substantial delays can also trigger trip interruption coverage.  This normally requires a longer delay time, 12, 24 or 48 hours, for example, before benefits apply.  Trip interruption can reimburse unused trip expenses that are not refunded as well as additional transportation costs to either catch up to the trip or return home early.

It is always smart to check the certificate of insurance for details because some policies have additional conditions in order for coverage to be available.

Source:  Fire extinguished at Miami airport fuel tank farm