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From NBC Universal Life Goes Strong – Too Sick To Fly: Why Your Seatmate May Have Influenza Symptoms

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One of the busiest holiday travel seasons has arrived, and the chances of having to cancel travel plans due to illness are always higher this time of year. Squaremouth recently offered some travel insurance advice that may help travelers protect themselves from losses due to canceling a trip.

Given all the perverse incentives for flying sick, what can a traveler do to protect him/herself?

– At least two weeks before you travel, make sure your vaccinations (e.g. flu, pneumonia) are up-to-date.

– Consider trip cancellation insurance but assess the cost and read the small print. “Trip cancellation will reimburse travelers up to 100% of trip costs if they are ill. Cancellation due to sickness is always a
covered reason, as long as travelers provide documentation from a doctor which states they were unfit for travel,” says Jessica Bell, a spokesperson for