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Good Faith Deposit and Travel Insurance

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When obtaining a travel insurance quote, the deposit date of the trip is a question that is asked.  This normally means the date that the first aspect of the trip was booked.  If airfare was purchased before a cruise, then the date that the airfare was booked is the deposit date.

However, a good faith deposit does not always serve as the deposit date.  Normally, a good faith deposit is credited toward a future vacation, with travel dates to be set later.  If no date is set, then the date of the good faith deposit will not be the actual deposit date as it pertains to travel insurance.  Rather, once the dates are set, the travel booked, thus the good faith deposit actually used, that date will serve as the deposit date.

This is important  as some coverage benefits are only available for a short amount of time from the deposit date that is given on the travel insurance quote.  Such benefits can include:  cancel for any reason, pre-existing conditions, cancel for work reasons and financial default.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.