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How Beneficial is Squaremouth’s “Zero Complaint Guarantee”?

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Recently, consumer advocate Christopher Elliot reported on the hesitancy of airlines to issue refunds to customers, even when they are owed.  As with most businesses, airlines are usually slow to let go of earned revenues, and the battle for refunds can sometimes be a painful one.  According to Elliot, the Department of Transportation is lenient with requirements for refunds, which means it can sometimes take months for refunds to appear on statements.

This is a great example of why Squaremouth’s “Zero Complaint Guarantee” is a great addition to a travel insurance policy. If a customer ever has trouble with a claim on a policy purchased through Squaremouth, the company will go to bat for them. Squaremouth’s representatives pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and will mediate on a customer’s behalf if they are not satisfied with the outcome of a claim. If that complaint is not resolved to Squaremouth’s satisfaction, the provider will be removed from their website.

The “Zero Complaint Guarantee” ensures that customers don’t have to deal with unnecessary and unfair hassles during the claims process.  Squaremouth’s licensed representatives are persistent customer advocates.

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