Travel Insurance FAQ

How can I reduce the cost of travel insurance?

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Your best bet is to shop through a comparison website that offers numerous travel insurance policies from different insurance carriers. Select the least expensive policy that still meets all your unique needs for that trip.  Don’t buy more coverage than you actually need. Many insurance plans are priced in bands of $500 per traveler.  If your trip is $1050, it may be more economical to insure only $1000.  Just be sure that other benefits you might need are not impacted by under insuring your trip. Some plans require that you insure the full prepaid trip costs in order to qualify for certain benefits such as pre-existing conditions or cancel for any reason.  Be sure to read the fine print for any conditions that apply. Also, if you are not concerned about re-imbursement for trip cancellation but would like the remaining benefits, quote using a trip cost of $0. This will significantly reduce the cost and still provide you with benefits such as travel delay, baggage loss, baggage delay, emergency medical, medical evacuation and more. When traveling with a family, look for family friendly policies that waive the premium for children.