Travel Insurance FAQ

I am traveling soon and only need insurance for medical and medical evacuation. Would it be best to purchase international medical rather than traditional travel insurance?

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This depends on the length of your trip and your age. Comprehensive travel insurance with a $0 trip cost (no cancellation cover) is usually more economical if your trip is 30  – 45 days or less.  The emergency medical benefit has a shorter “look back period” to determine what is defined as pre-existing and there are usually smaller or no deductibles.  Many plans also offer primary medical coverage and you have all the benefits of travel insurance with the exception of trip cancellation. You must purchase travel insurance prior to departure and it can not be extended.  International medical insurance is more economical for longer trips when you require medical and evacuation only or if your dates of travel are undefined. This insurance is usually secondary, has a longer “look back period” for pre-existing conditions and higher deductibles.  International medical insurance is often renewable should you need to extend your trip. Refer to the policy wording for the full details of each policy.