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iTravelInsured Discusses Pre-Existing Conditions

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Many travel insurance carriers distribute newsletters with information about product updates, current events and frequently asked questions.  The August newsletter from iTravelInsured answered a customer question about how pre-existing conditions are covered.  The following is an excerpt from the newsletter.


“My husband is being treated for cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. His doctor thinks that he may be recovered in time to take a cruise in three months. Will travel insurance provide coverage if I purchase a policy soon enough so that the pre-existing condition exclusion is waived and we have to cancel due to his cancer illness?”

The quick answer is no. Your husband must be medically able to travel at the time the travel insurance policy is purchased. This is not the case if your husband is actively undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Hopefully the treatment will be successful and recovery will be quick, but complications often occur. The pre-existing condition exclusion waiver does not grant coverage for your husband’s cancer since he was not medically able to travel when the travel insurance policy was purchased.