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Many travel insurance carriers distribute newsletters with travel tips and  information.  The August newsletter from iTravelInsured discussed how technology with medical records can help travelers in an emergency.  The following is an excerpt from the newsletter.


“It is truly amazing in this day and age that a car dealer can get your credit report in a matter of seconds, yet an emergency room doctor can’t get your medical records when you are rushed in for treatment. Precious time is lost or improper treatment rendered when important medical history is not available. Your life may depend upon it!”

iTravelInsured recently partnered with Healthcare Everywhere Medical Records to provide travelers with portable technology in the form of flash drives that one can choose in various shapes and sizes. A credit card sized model fits right in your wallet or you might opt for a wristband, necklace or keychain attachment. This technology allows you to load your medical history and carry it with you at all times.

You could be allergic to some medication that an emergency room doctor wants to prescribe or have a medical device implanted that would be damaged by a MRI.  According to Neil Dehr, Healthcare Everywhere’s founder, 100,000 people die every year because of lack of good medical history in an emergency room.