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iTravelInsured Position Statement on the Nairobi Mall Attack

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Released: 9/24/2013

iTravelInsured plans would not provide coverage against a “Terrorist Incident” occurring in Nairobi if travel  insurance is purchased on September 22, 2013 or later.  Nairobi and the area within 120 miles of Nairobi must remain incident free for at least 90 days and no travel warnings issued by the U.S. State Department in order for a “Terrorist Incident” to be covered for Nairobi in the future.

Those insured persons that already had travel insurance plans in force prior to September 22, 2013 and were traveling to Nairobi as a destination would be eligible for coverage under the trip cancellation or trip interruption benefit if they were scheduled to arrive in Nairobi within 15 days following September 21 – 24, 2013 period when the terrorist attack on the mall was occurring.