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Lost Travel Documents and Travel Insurance

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Many people think about travel insurance for an expensive medical evacuation or having to cancel a trip, but most policies offer other types of assistance during a trip.  One common scenario is lost passports or travel documents.  Every policy has a 24 hour emergency assistance service number that is a free call from anywhere in the world.  This is the call someone would make to arrange a medical evacuation, but some plans also provide lost document assistance.  This can include embassy and consulate services, passport recovery services and help recovering lost travel documentation.

Medjet Assist provided several tips for avoiding common pitfalls with lost travel documents:

  • Carry an extra official photo identification. Some states will provide a non-drivers license ID card for as little as $10
  • Have copies of your passport and other important documents. Have one copy with you and leave a copy at work or at home where someone could fax or e-mail them to you when traveling.
  • Contact the local authorities if you are the victim of theft. Head to the nearest US Embassy or consulate if you lose your passport overseas.
  • Take more than one credit card, but never carry all of them together in one place.

When it comes to lost travel documents, being prepared can be more helpful than even the most comprehensive travel insurance policy.  Even still, many policies will help recover what is lost and help book alternate arrangements, if necessary.