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Managing the Stress of Connecting Flights

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A recent entry in the Healthy Travel Blog discussed how to manage potential stress when planning for connecting flights.

“Always allow at least two hours between connections. Your first reaction may be to complain about sitting around the Frankfurt, Germany airport for couple of hours with nothing to do. Now think about missing your connection in Frankfurt and having six hours to visit the airport’s main attraction: the restrooms.”

“Use the internet to find a map of an unfamiliar connecting airport. A day or two before your flight, access the terminal floor plans to chart the shortest route between connections to save time. It will also ease the anxiety caused by navigating through a maze of signs, escalators and language barriers.  Of course, you will need to know your arrival and departure gates, but bring the chart with you just in case there are last minute changes.”

Even with the best planning, unexpected events can still put a damper on travel.  Travel insurance can provide peace of mind to travelers concerned about being stuck in an airport.  Travel delay coverage helps offset some of the additional costs from being unable to travel.  This benefit can reimburse expenses for accommodations, meals, phone calls and local transportation while delayed.  Most carriers have covered reasons for travel delay as well as a required amount of time delayed before being eligible for the benefit.  Always refer to a policy’s certificate of insurance for details.