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Spotlight on Travel Select

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This article was reproduced from a Travelex newsletter.

Spotlight on Travel Select

Designed with the traveler in mind, Travel Select offers primary and comprehensive coverage. Best of all, Travel Select allows for complete customization with upgrades including our Cancel for Any Reason Pak, Transportation Pak and Lifestyle Paks.

Customize for individual lifestyles by choosing as many Paks as needed:
Professional Pak
Family Pak
Adventurer Pak
Protector Pak
Athlete/Student Pak

Travel Select Highlights:
Primary coverage
Children under 18 covered at no additional cost
Trip cancellation including bankruptcy / financial default,employment termination / transfer
Travel delay of 50% or more as a trip cancellation reason
21-day pre-existing condition waiver
60 day look back for pre-existing conditions applies to travelers only
5 hour trip delay
3 hour missed cruise connection from flight delay
12 hour baggage delay
$1,000 trip interruption included in post departure coverage
$200 flight reissue fee
Ex-spouse included in family member definition
Full line of travel assistance & concierge services
Available to book 24 months in advance
Competitive pricing

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