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Squaremouth Answers a Question from the Lonely Planet Travel Forum

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From Lonely Planet Thorn Tree travel forum (you can find the discussion here):

Hi, I’m traveling to Borneo with the intention of climbing Mt Kinabalu via Ferrata. I have been trying to find travel insurance but have not had a lot of luck. The issue being that most insurance companies won’t cover rock climbing or anything to do with ropes. I am also an Australian living in Singapore and thus am not classified as a permanent resident of either country, which they can’t seem to cope with!
Can anyone recommend an insurance company that may help?
Thanks in advance.

Squaremouth’s reply:

There are travel insurance companies that will offer coverage for your situation. Often, residence is just your location at the start of your trip (where you are departing from). If your citizenship is Australia and you are a current resident of Singapore, there are a few providers of international medical insurance that you may want to look into. You will also want to be sure that you select a policy that includes “hazardous sports” coverage because most providers consider mountaineering to be hazardous.  Seven Corners, Trawick International and HCC Medical Insurance Services all have policies with hazardous sports waivers that would provide coverage based on your current residence.

You can compare travel insurance policies on – the search engine will allow you to filter out policies that will not cover hazardous sports.