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Statement from CSA on the Spirit Airlines and British Airways Strikes

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Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  This is true for natural disasters, acts of terrorism and labor strikes.  A strike by a common carrier will impact what how coverage is available for trip cancellation, trip interruption and travel delay.  The following is a position statement from CSA on the Spirit Airlines and British Airways strikes.

On Saturday, June 12, pilots for Spirit Airlines began a strike in the early morning, after 3 years of talks failed to secure a new contract.  The airline has confirmed that flights will be cancelled through at least Thursday.  Certain CSA Travel Protection plans offer coverage for some effects of labor strikes.  Customers are strongly encouraged to read their Certificate of Insurance or Insurance Policy for details regarding their available coverage.  For those plans that do offer coverage for labor strikes, please note that there is no coverage for this specific event under any plans purchased on or after Saturday, June 12.  Please contact CSA Travel Protection with questions.

Your policy includes coverage for strikes under Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Travel Delay as long as the policy was purchased prior to public knowledge of said strike.

Spirit Airlines – policies purchased on or after June 12, 2010 will no longer have coverage.

British Airways – policies purchased on or after May 10, 2010 will no longer have coverage.

Trip Cancellation

We will reimburse you, up to the amount in the Schedule, for the amount of forfeited, prepaid, non-refundable, non-refunded, and unused published payments or deposits that you paid for your Covered Trip. We will pay your additional cost as a result of a change in the per-person occupancy rate for prepaid travel arrangements if a Traveling Companion’s Covered Trip is canceled and your Covered Trip is not canceled.

Trip Interruption

We will reimburse you, less any refund paid or payable, for unused land or water travel arrangements, plus one of the following:

1. the additional transportation expenses by the most direct route from the point you interrupted your Covered Trip:

a. to the next scheduled destination where you can catch up to your Covered Trip; or

b. to the final destination of your Covered Trip; or

2. the additional transportation expenses incurred by you by the most direct route to reach your original Covered Trip destination if you are delayed and leave after the Scheduled Departure Date.

Travel Delay

If your Covered Trip is delayed for 6 hours or more, we will reimburse you, up to the amount shown in the Schedule for reasonable additional expenses incurred by you for hotel accommodations, meals, telephone calls and local transportation while you are delayed. We will not pay benefits for expenses incurred after travel becomes possible.