Statement from Travel Guard on Hurricane Darby

Published by June 25, 2010

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  With hurricanes and other natural disasters, once the event becomes foreseeable, policies purchased after that time will not cover that event.  With tropical storms and hurricanes, this is when the storm is named.  The following is a statement from Travel Guard on hurricane Darby.

Tropical Storm Darby located in the Pacific Ocean, was upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane on 06/24/10.

Insurance would have to have been purchased by 6/23/10 for coverage to be effective.

Hurricane falls under the definition of Natural Disaster and would be based on the plan purchased and that plan’s Description of Coverage.

“Natural Disaster” means a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, wildfire, volcanic eruption, or blizzard that is due to natural causes.