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Time to Buy Holiday Tickets, Time to Buy Travel Insurance

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Only a few days into the fall season, many people are already planning for the holidays.  Booking travel plans early is important, and the same is true for travel insurance.  Travel Guard recently posted an article about airline prices for the holiday season.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

The holidays may not be for a few months, but multiple travel companies are advising travelers to begin booking their trips now if they want the best rates, as fares are expected to skyrocket as the winter months get closer.

According to CNN, airfare for this year is expected to be higher than the previous year as more travelers take to the skies. Tom Parsons of told the news source that the rates will be 20 to 30 percent higher, which falls in line with other analysts’ predictions.

Bill McGee of Consumer Reports told WBIR Knoxville that “you can expect to pay more than last year. And therefore the number of seats that are going to be available at a lower price is a finite number and you really want to start booking earlier than you have in the past.”

In addition to higher passenger totals and lowered airline capacity, the calendar isn’t cooperating this year either. Both Christmas and New Year’s fall on a Saturday, which means one fewer weekend for peak travel time. Most passengers will be squeezed into a 14-day window that is usually 16 or 17 days, according to CNN.

Buying airline tickets now for the upcoming holiday season might mean getting the best deal.  Similarly, buying a travel insurance policy at the same time or shortly after paying for a trip will mean the most coverage is available.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions, in most policies, is only available for about 9-30 days from the initial trip payment.  This is not a policy upgrade; either the policy was purchased in time and coverage is included or the allotted time has passed and the coverage is no longer available.  Alternatively, there are some policies that use the final trip payment date to determine whether coverage for pre-existing coverage is available.

Cancel for any reason coverage is also only available for a short time from the date of the first trip payment.  At the most, this too will be 30 days.  Some policies will include cancel for any reason, while it is a selectable upgrade for others.

Other coverage susceptible to time restrictions can include cancel for work reasons, financial default of a travel supplier, terrorism and hurricane and weather.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source:  Now’s the time to buy on holiday airline tickets