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Tips on Last Minute Cruises

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According to an article in the Washington Post, “Booking within a narrow window presents its own challenges,” said Karyn Todd of “You’re always going to be in immediate penalty if you book within 60 days” of your cruise, for one, which means that you could lose all or part of your money should you be forced to cancel. Accordingly, “you’ve got to think about insurance. Remember, anything can happen,” Todd said, “and the cruise lines have gotten very tough on cancellation. I know it’s an additional cost, but the value of having insurance when you’re booking a product that’s nonrefundable is huge.”

People who wait until the last minute to book vacation plans can still purchase travel insurance.  In most cases, the last opportunity to get cover for the trip is 24 hours prior to departure.  Keep in mind that there are several benefits of coverage that are only available for a short time from the deposit date, which is benefitial with a last minute booking.  This can include cancel for any reason, financial default, and pre-existing conditions to name a few.  Read the fine print, as some coverage will not begin until a waiting period has passed.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.