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Question from jorphotography on Twitter

jorphotography: Any recommendations for #TravelInsurance to #Thailand that includes #camera gear? #photography #insurance

Squaremouth’s Response

Most travel insurance policies provide coverage for cameras and related equipment, however, most policies have a specific limit on how much will be reimbursed for those items.

CSA Travel Protection and HTH Worldwide are two travel insurance providers that do not have a specific item limit for cameras. Protection is available through the Baggage and Personal Items Loss benefit and provides the following amount of coverage:

CSA Custom Comprehensive – $1,000 per person
CSA Custom Luxe Comprehensive – $1,500 per person
HTH Worldwide Trip Protector – $1,000 per person
HTH Worldwide Trip Protector Preferred – $1,500 per person

Travelers should also check with their credit card provider to see if any travel protection is available. Also, homeowners insurance and individual item insurance might a be a good choice.