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Position Statement from Travel Insurance Provider CSA on Named Winter Storms

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When it comes to buying travel insurance to protect travel investments from winter storm disruptions, benefits only apply if coverage is purchased before a storm is considered foreseeable. This is because travel insurance benefits are designed to cover the unforeseen.

Each travel insurance provider may have a different way of determining when it is too late to buy insurance. Some consider a winter storm named by an organization like The Weather Channel officially foreseeable. After that, travelers can’t buy coverage for that storm. Others may say that if a storm’s path has been determined, even if the storm is not named, coverage is no longer available.

After the recent string of severe winter storms that hit the United States, CSA Travel Protection provided the following statement to clarify how travel insurance benefits apply:

Our plans only provide coverage for unforeseeable losses.  CSA and our underwriters consider that once a storm is named and path is predicted, losses due to that storm are foreseeable.  Therefore, any plans purchased after a storm is named will not offer coverage for losses caused by or resulting from that specific storm.  The plan can still be purchased (assuming all other qualifications are met) for all other coverages and Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption considerations.

Even if the storm is not named, our plans will not provide coverage for foreseeable losses.