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Tips for Students and Their Parents When Studying Abroad | Travel Insurance Roundup

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Studying abroad during spring semester is a popular choice for college students. The chance to experience another country’s culture, live abroad, and learn a new language can be a valuable resume-builder. However, for the parents of these student travelers, the opportunity for study abroad may give rise to worry and fear for their student’s safety.

Study Abroad Tips for Students

HTH Worldwide offers many tips for students embarking on a semester abroad. Practices such as traveling in groups, and having emergency contacts available can greatly increase a student’s safety. “Carry a card with a list of emergency contacts with you at all times during your trip. Also, be sure to keep your professors on the trip and contacts at home updated on your whereabouts. Your contacts at home should also have a copy of your passport, visa, and other important documents,” advises HTH.

Prepare to Visit Your Child

For parents, the chance to visit their child abroad may allow for some peace of mind while the student is away. To prepare, parents often become familiar with the destination’s public transit and arrange hotel accommodations. However, other preparations can be made too far in advance. HCC Medical Insurance Services advises not to exchange currency too far in advance. According to HCC’s advice for parents of student travelers, “It’s often cheaper to withdraw money at a foreign ATM and pay a small fine than to take cash and have it changed over at the airport. Your bank may even partner with foreign banks so you could even avoid an ATM fee.”

Sending a child abroad for university credits may be an intimidating decision, but the opportunity for experiences gained greatly outweighs the fear of the unknown.