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Travel Industry Embraces Technology | Travel Insurance Roundup

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The integration between humans and technology has become prevalent in the travel realm. The abundance of tools, apps, and gadgets available has made travel easier than ever. Squaremouth has gathered information on the best travel technology available from MedJet, Global Alert, April, and GeoBlue.

Recommended Travel Apps

There are many trendy travel apps available for smartphones and tablets. Global Alert Administrators recommends travel mobile apps such as XE Currency Exchange, and Google Translate to help smooth the process of traveling to another country. “This app [XE Currency Exchange] will help you calculate currency conversions in a flash. is one of the most reliable currency-related sites and it’s app follows suit” says Global Alert.

For those travelers who are interested in keeping up with friends and family while traveling, MedJet Assist recommends downloading the Skype app for video calling loved ones, as well as GonnaGo, to keep up with traveling friends. Of the new social network adventuring app MedJet says,  “GonnaGo helps coordinate itineraries and find your pals on the road.”

Travel Insurance Providers Embrace Technology

The convenience of having a technologically advanced travel insurance provider is also appreciated by travelers. Companies, such as APRIL Travel Protection, offer policyholders an abundance of ways to contact the travel insurance provider while traveling. April offers customers this ease of access through phone, email, text, and even Skype.

GeoBlue has also embraced the technology side of travel by offering customers a free app to connect to their provider across the globe. According to GeoBlue, the app features the ability to “Select a doctor, specialist, or medical facility, request an appointment, secure cashless access for care through the direct payment option, find local equivalents for your medication, translate medical terms and phrases, show/fax/email your ID card to providers, Access issued Guarantees of Payment, File a claim by entering information or sending a photo of a completed form, and view country and city level health and security profiles.”