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Travel Medical Plans: Why Smart Travelers are Buying Them

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According to HTH Worldwide’s Healthy Travel Blog, scores of Americans are traveling the globe for leisure, business, study and missionary travel.  Because of the recent travel concerns raised by the H1N1 pandemic and terrorist threats like the Mumbai attacks, many of these smart travelers are better planning and preparing to avoid potential hazards.

Greater consumer awareness has led to an increase in the popularity of travel medical insurance.  The simple fact is that existing health insurance plans are inadequate when taken across U.S. borders because they strictly limit overseas benefits. In addition, most health insurers will refuse to pay to get you to a higher standard of care should you need to be evacuated due to a medical emergency. Savvy travelers are aware of these limitations and are not leaving anything to chance.

Travel insurance and international medical insurance provide peace of mind for travelers concerned about health coverage during a trip.  It is wise to look closely when shopping for a policy, as some plans have exclusions for epidemics and pandemics, like the swine flu.  Learn more about how this affects coverage in Squaremouth’s swine flu press release.

When reviewing the emergency medical & dental benefit, be certain to identify whether the coverage is primary or secondary.  Primary coverage in travel insurance will alleviate the need for the traveler to file a claim with their primary health care back home.  Conversely, secondary coverage requires that all other insurance options be exhausted before filing a claim.  Read more about this in our blog about primary and secondary medical insurance.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.