Traveling with your significant other? You may need separate travel insurance policies.

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As many couples plan their upcoming vacations, purchasing travel insurance is often an important step in making sure travel arrangements are protected from potential mishaps. However, many travelers may not realize that some providers don’t allow non-related or unmarried couples to be insured on the same policy.

When shopping for travel insurance, couples or any other non-related travelers should keep in mind some providers, like Seven Corners Inc, require travelers to be married in order to be listed on the same policy. Others may require travelers reside at the same address. If not, they may be required to purchase their plans separately. Many times, travelers see little to no difference in price for purchasing separately.

Alternatively, travelers can select from several different policies that don’t have this provision. In fact, many providers, including CSA Travel Protection and RoamRight, make no mention at all of the need to be related or married in order to be listed together.

Whatever the relationship between travelers, there are plans available. The key is finding the right coverage to suit travelers needs.