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Vacation Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

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The hefty price of travel can keep travelers from enjoying their vacations. Taking time to research discounts and deals at a destination is one of the best ways to maximize even the most modest travel budgets. The following money-saving tips can be the difference between breaking the bank and saving a buck.

Just Ask– While it may not seem natural to ask for a discount that isn’t being offered, it often pays to make the request. Airlines may have business-class seats available that travelers can get last minute at an incredible discount. Hotels may offer upgrades for special occasions, or discounts like free parking or wifi for hotel loyalty members.

Get Free Stuff– Many hotels offer free breakfasts or allow kids to eat free. Keep this in mind when researching accommodations and take advantage of these perks when available. Saving on just one meal per day can add up. These savings can be put towards other vacation activities. Travelers can also avoid hotel Internet fees by utilizing free wifi at local coffee shops or restaurants.

Resident Rates and Local Deals– Attractions and cruises often feature special discounts that are exclusive to residents of certain states and provinces. These discounts provide travelers the valuable opportunity to save based on where they live. Getting recommendations from locals is another way to gain insight into local spots that travelers may not otherwise be aware of. Also, don’t forget that many attractions offer discounts for seniors, children, and students.

Shop Around– From searching for the cheapest flights and hotels to purchasing travel insurance, it pays to shop around. Travelers who use comparison websites to plan their trips have the advantage of comparing several different travel suppliers to find the best prices. Taking time to do the research upfront will render big savings in the end.