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What does the Cancel For Work Reasons benefit cover?

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Most travelers who buy travel insurance want financial protection, whether it’s for their trip expenses if they need to cancel before they leave, or to cover themselves if a medical emergency occurs during their trip.

However, due to the sometimes uncertain conditions of vacation time with an employer, many travelers are specifically interested in the Cancel For Work Reasons benefit. With this benefit, a traveler can be covered if their previously granted vacation time is revoked and they are forced to cancel their vacation.

What Does Cancel For Work Reasons Cover?
The Cancel For Work Reasons benefit can refund a traveler’s prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses if their pre-approved vacation time is taken away. This benefit is included in some policies under the Trip Cancellation benefit, and can reimburse 100% of trip costs.

In order to file claim under this benefit, employees will be required to obtain a written statement from a company officer or human resources manager proving revocation of previously approved time off. The traveler must prove that their time off was previously approved, and then overturned.

If a traveler is self-employed, they may still file a claim under the Cancel For Work Reasons benefit, but they will be required to submit proof of self-employment and proof of the requirement to work.

Self-employment can be substantiated by tax records, incorporation documents, or other documentation. In order to prove revocation of planned time off, a self-employed traveler may submit a notarized personal statement that explains the reasons for the change in plans.

It is important to note that this benefit is different from Employment Layoff. Policies with Cancel For Work Reasons may not include the Employment Layoff benefit, and the requirements for filing a claim are different.

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