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What if Winter Storms Render Destinations Uninhabitable?

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With the recent winter storm bringing record snowfall in some areas of the country, a little known travel insurance benefit may help some travelers recover costs from cancelling expensive vacations. When a destination is made uninhabitable due to natural disaster, travelers may have the option to receive reimbursement for cancelling a trip.

What travelers may not realize is that aside from being applicable when hurricanes, floods and tornadoes hit, this benefit can also apply to blizzards. There are several factors that can qualify travelers for coverage under this benefit. While some are more extreme, like structural damage or elemental intrusion, others are not. For example, if a traveler’s destination is without electricity or water, they may be able to cancel their trip and receive reimbursement under this benefit.

Travelers may forget that there are several covered reasons under standard trip cancellation that may apply to specific situations, like the recent string of winter storms that passed through the middle and northeastern states. By reviewing terms of coverage before departing, travelers will be fully aware of the benefits available to them and how they can be applied when weather or disaster strikes.