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What is Not Considered Travel Delay

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Most travel insurance plans cover travel delay.  This reimburses the costs of lodging, meals and local transportation during a delay.  The most common reason that triggers this coverage is a common carrier delay from mechanical breakdown or inclement weather.

There are many situations that would cause travelers to be delayed but would not qualify for this coverage.  For example, long lines at airport security are not covered.  Even if security singles out a traveler for extra screening resulting in a missed flight, this is not a covered reason.

Another example, and maybe more obvious, would be oversleeping.  This might be one of the most common excuses for missing a flight, but it will not result in a paid travel insurance claim.  Travel delay will not cover when the situation was within the traveler’s control.

One example that will depend on the individual policy is traffic en route to the airport.  Most plans will cover if the traveler is directly involved in an accident on the way to the airport.  Some plans are more generous with the policy language and will cover any documented traffic accident, whether it involves the traveler or not.

The last example is a good reminder of how important it is to review the certificate of insurance for specific details.  Every policy offers a money back guarantee.  This free look period is at least 10 days, unless departure is sooner, and will refund the policy premium with no questions asked.