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Will Travel Insurance Cover Electronic Items Bought Online?

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From Lonely Planet travel forum (find the full discussion here):

I’m looking at buying a DSLR [a type of digital camera] for my travels from ebay, new, from one of the business sellers or “ebay shops”. Does anyone know if travel insurance companies will cover items bought in this way (you still get an electronic receipt for the purchase)?

Squaremouth’s Response:

The method in which you purchase an item will not affect whether or not it can be insured. However, many travel insurance policies exclude personal electronics from coverage, so you must check with your plan to see what is covered.

For example, the Round Trip Economy policy through Seven Corners excludes electronic business equipment, telephones, computer hardware and software. However, the Worldwide Trip Protector Gold policy from Travel Insured does not exclude personal electronics. It is important to note that this Travel Insured policy does have a $500 “specific items limit,” which includes jewelry, furs, sporting equipment, personal computers, cameras, camcorders, and “other electronic items.”

If a travel insurance policy does include coverage for electronics, they will be considered “specific items” and subject to a specified limit.

Many credit cards and homeowners or renters insurance policies include coverage for baggage loss. If you have any of these, check to see if that benefit is included, what the policy limit is, and what steps you need to take to ensure your item is protected.