Can I be covered to return home if I contract coronavirus while traveling?

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Short Answer

Travel insurance policies that include Coronavirus Medical coverage may cover you if you contract coronavirus (COVID-19) while traveling and your treating physician deems it medically necessary to return home. 

More Detail 

Many providers consider virus outbreaks to be foreseen after they become known, however, there are certain providers who do not consider contracting a virus to be foreseen. These providers can provide emergency medical and medical evacuation benefits for travelers who contract coronavirus while on their trip. 

The Emergency Medical benefit covers medical expenses if a traveler becomes unexpectedly ill while on their trip. The Medical Evacuation covers transportation costs to the nearest adequate medical facility, as well as transportation home if the treating physician deems it necessary.

If you contract coronavirus while on your trip, you should contact your provider’s 24-hour Emergency Assistance department as soon as reasonably possible. It is important to contact Emergency Assistance as soon as possible so your travel insurance provider can begin working with you on your situation, including explaining coverage and arranging medical care. On a case-by-case basis, your travel insurance provider may pre-certify medical payments for your hospital stay and treatment, as well as any necessary transportation.

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