After Buying a Policy

How do I change my coverage?

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Short Answer

Please contact your provider directly to make changes to your policy.

More Detail

To change your policy, please contact your travel insurance provider directly. The contact information for every provider can be seen on our provider page. It will also be located in your policy confirmation email.

Typically, you can increase your trip cost, change your travel dates, and change your personal information up until your departure date. Once your trip has started, you will no longer be able to edit your policy. Also, please note that certain providers may limit the amount of times a policy’s trip dates are edited to prevent travelers from continually applying coverage to different trips.

Some policies have optional upgrades that can be added to your policy. Some benefits are time sensitive, such as the Cancel For Any Reason benefit and Pre-existing Condition coverage, and typically require you to purchase these benefits within 14-21 days from your first booking date.

Typically, to lower your trip cost, this must be done within your Money Back Guarantee in order to receive a refund for any decrease in premium.

Additionally, some International Medical policies can be renewed before your coverage ends.

Some changes cannot be made to a travel insurance policy. For example: adding or removing travelers, or adding benefits not included as options or upgrades. However, most policies come with a Money Back Guarantee period. This is typically 10 or 14 days following your purchase. During this time, you can cancel your policy completely and receive a refund of your premium if you decide you want different coverage and benefits than your policy offers. If you no longer want your policy after the Money Back Guarantee period passes, some providers will offer a prorated refund of your premium.

If you have changes to your personal information, such as a name change, this will not invalidate a policy. However, in the event of a claim you may need to provide proof that your new name and your originally listed name are the same person.

This information may vary based on the travel insurance policy. If you have questions about a specific policy, please contact us directly at 800-240-0369. Our customer service representatives are available from 8am to 10pm ET seven days a week and are delighted to help!