How do I get coverage for natural disasters?

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Short Answer

The Hurricane and Weather, Travel Delay and Non-Medical Evacuation benefits can provide coverage in the event of natural disaster.

More Detail

The Hurricane and Weather benefit can provide coverage if your covered trip is either cancelled or interrupted due to a Natural Disaster. In order for you to be covered, the event must meet one of the policy’s requirements.

Common requirements include:

– Your primary residence is made uninhabitable
– Your destination accommodations are made uninhabitable
– Mandatory evacuation of your destination  
– Complete cessation of common carrier for a specified time period

Travel Delay provides reimbursement for the costs of lodging, meals and local transportation in the event of a covered common carrier delay. Most policies cover any delay of a common carrier, or delay due to inclement weather. In order for you to be covered, you must be delayed for the specified time period listed within the policy.

Non-Medical Evacuation may also cover you if you require transportation to a place of safety from a place of danger while traveling due to a natural disaster or civil or political unrest. Please note, coverage differs depending on the provider, and some policies may not cover Natural Disasters under Non-Medical Evacuation. In order for you to be covered under Non-Medical Evacuation, the local authorities must verify it is unsafe for you to stay at your destination.