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APRIL Travel Protection offers a simple line of products that are perfectly suited for any shopper’s tastes. For those looking to simply insure their investment on a single upcoming trip, they can purchase our Trip Cancellation Plan. Meanwhile, we also offer comprehensive plans for individual trips through our Economy & VIP Plans. As you can likely tell, our Economy Plan offers lower (than certainly ample) coverage limits at a lesser rate while our VIP Plan has some of the highest benefit limits you’ll find anywhere. Additionally, our VIP Plan has Family Pricing meaning that all children are covered for no additional cost by their parent’s policy. For those individuals that travel somewhat regularly, we highly recommend purchasing an Annual Multi Trip policy. In this area, we have our Universal & Elite Plans. Both offer comprehensive benefits with Universal being less expensive with lower limits & Elite offering more coverage for a slightly higher price. Additionally, our Elite Plan has Family Pricing meaning that all children are covered for no additional cost by their parent’s  policy. Our programs are underwritten by American Modern Insurance Group. They are an A.M. Best A+ rated specialty insurance company based in Cincinnati, OH. A.M. Best Company rates their financial stability as A+ (Superior), SNL Financial rated them as a top 10 P&C Insurer of 2010, and the Wards Group awarded them Ward’s 50, acknowledging their superior safety, consistency, and  performance. Since 1965 American Modern Insurance Group has provided their customers with easy access to quality insurance coverage.   In 2008, American Modern was acquired by Munich Re Group, and operates as  part of the Munich Re US Operations. Munich Re. one of the largest insurance  organizations in the world, ranks 88th on Fortune Magazine’s Global 500 list of  the world’s largest companies.

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