APRIL Travel Protection

What’s different about APRIL Travel Protection?

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Because we own & operate a Global Assistance Network, we’re uniquely equipped to be both your Insurance Partner & your Service Provider. This means that you can call us for help in purchasing & servicing your policy before you depart on your trip as well as for assistance resolving any issues while traveling. Even more, APRIL is the only company that provides Stress Less Benefits. This exclusive service allows our policyholders to contact us when they encounter an insurable event while traveling. We will coordinate and pay for a medical visit, flight change, hotel overnight, evacuation, or other service as covered by the policy. Not only are we our clients’ life line, but it greatly reduces the instances where they have to front monies, be uncertain about whether coverage applies, & then have to go through a claims  reimbursement process. The differences between APRIL & other travel insurance providers don’t stop there. At APRIL, we want to hear from you. We know that if you experience our services, then you’ll never choose anyone else to protect you & your family. To that point, our U.S. clients can reach us by phone (toll-free all over the world), via Skype, by SMS Text Message, through Live Chat on our website, by email, fax, or even to coordinate assistance while at sea. Finally, you’ll never see us at rest. We’re on an endless pursuit to constantly add more unique services to help make our clients travel experiences more enjoyable, safe, efficient, & successful. Some of the distinctive Assistance & Concierge Services we’ve just added this year include Express Airport Security Assistance, Smartphone Travel Applications, Identity Theft Protection, Airport Parking, & Retail Discounts. All of these Assistance & Concierge services plus many more like Luggage Tracking, Restaurant Referrals & Recommendations, Language Services, & others are automatically included with any APRIL Travel Protection policy.

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