Can Travel Insurance Help if a Cruise is Cancelled?

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Yes, travel insurance can offer protection to policyholders that have their upcoming cruise cancelled by the cruise line.

Accidents and mechanical issues can arise regardless of what mode of transportation you’re using to travel. Cruises are no exception. While cruise cancellations are uncommon, they have been known to happen. Proof can be found by looking back at the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the cruise industry.

In some cases, the cruise line will refund their passengers their cruise expenses and call it even. But for cruisers with non-refundable tickets, or that pre-booked excursions at various stops along the way, these funds can be harder to recoup.

The Value of Trip Cancellation Coverage

Trip Cancellation coverage is a popular travel insurance benefit included in most single trip travel insurance policies. Under this benefit, travelers can be eligible for 100% reimbursement of their prepaid, nonrefundable expenses if a cruise line cancels, or significantly delays, their travel arrangements due to mechanical breakdown.

Purchasing Cruise-Specific Travel Insurance

Travel insurance providers are aware of the popularity of cruises. A recent Squaremouth survey indicated that roughly 20% of customers were purchasing a policy specifically for a cruise.

To cover these travelers, and provide them with benefits that meet their specific needs, providers may offer cruise-specific travel insurance policies. These plans not only include cancellation coverage, but also address the most pressing concerns of cruisers, such as providing high coverage for Medical Evacuations and Missed Connections. Some plans also included Adventure and Sports benefits for cruisers planning on enjoying excursions during their trip.

While Squaremouth recommends using a comparison site to find the best policy, it is also possible to get coverage directly from your cruise line. For example, Carnival Cruise offers a competitive policy specifically for their passengers that offers fine coverage for a cruise.

Travelers should check their specific policy details to see if coverage applies.