Did you know? Travel Insurance is Available for One-Way Trips

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Trip cancellation travel insurance policies typically require travelers to insure themselves from doorstep to doorstep. This can make it difficult for travelers looking for cancellation coverage for a one-way flight or trip. However, there are some policies available will cover trips with a final destination that is not the same as the place of departure.

These policies should only be purchased to cover the traveler for the amount of days it takes to arrive at the final destination. Coverage will terminate once the traveler reaches their destination. In the event of a covered delay, the policy will extend until they reach that destination.

The next step for travelers is to carefully read the policy’s certificate. The way the policy defines the terms “Covered Trip”, “Trip”, or “Scheduled Return Date” will determine if the policy can provide coverage for a one way trip. Many times these policies will state that a covered trip means a period of roundtrip or one way travel. Another key phrase to look for is within the definition to look for is scheduled return date. Policies that cover one way travel will describe the return date as the date the traveler returns to the point of origin or a different final destination.

Travelers should also keep in mind that one way travel is different than a trip within a trip. Those who only want to cover a portion of their trip will typically have little or no coverage available to them.