For International Medical Plans, what is the difference between a Scheduled Benefit Plan and a Comprehensive Plan?

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Schedule Benefit Plans

Schedule Benefit Plans are characterized by various benefit limits for each type of covered medical expense or service provided. These benefit limits typically are not the same as the policy maximum. The maximum amounts for each service provided are detailed in the policy brochure. Typically you are required to pay an initial deductible for each injury or sickness. Scheduled Benefits Plans have the lowest premiums, but the insured must be aware that the benefits offered are relatively limited as compared to the Comprehensive Coverage Plans.

Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive Plans can provide international travel insurance coverage, and typically do not have benefit limits based on the type of medical expense or service provided. Usually benefits for covered medical expenses are based on “usual, customary & reasonable” charges and go all the way up to the policy maximum less the deductible and co-insurance. The details for each policy such as the policy maximum, medical expense eligibility, co-insurance, etc. are listed in the policy brochure. Comprehensive Coverage Plans have relatively higher premiums, but in turn offer better benefits than the Scheduled Benefits Plans.

Both of these plan types are considered International Medical Plans.