Response to Lonely Planet Forum Question – How to Find the Best Travel Insurance?

Response to Lonely Planet Forum Question – How to Find the Best Travel Insurance?

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From Lonely Planet Thorn Tree travel forum (you can find the full discussion here):

Hi guys….am looking for a decent health/medical insurance to take out for my travels. Have done lots of looking on the internet. And to be quite honest none of them rated too highly. Lots of complaints out there.

Flight Center recommended Cover More. The small print leaves lots of open ended questions… Travel Insurance Direct is an online one. A cheaper one, but not sure just how good the cover is….there are a few exclusions. (No search & rescue cover for hikers).

Just looking for feedback from those who have had claims….this is the only way we can judge these insurance companies. Anyone got anything good to say about any particular company out there???

Squaremouth’s Response: 
Travelers should look into the reputation and reliability of a travel insurance provider to find the best travel insurance for their trip before making a purchase. There are several ways to distinguish reputable companies. Travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, can help travelers search and compare policies from every major provider. Purchasing a policy from a third-party site can offer an independent, unbiased perspective and allow travelers to compare hundreds of policies from multiple providers.

Ratings are another indication of a provider’s reputation. Insurance industry watchdog, AM Best, is a full-service credit rating organization that assesses the financial stability and strength of insurance companies. A provider in good standing with AM Best has the financial ability to pay claims.