Travel Insurance for Excursions: What’s Covered?

Travel Insurance for Excursions: What’s Covered?

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Most cruise lines offer on-shore excursions to travelers, but many of the most popular excursions may not be covered by travel insurance. It’s a common misconception among travelers that buying excursions through cruise lines means they would automatically be covered by a standard travel insurance policy in the event of an injury. However, that’s not necessarily the case.

Which excursions may not be covered?

Popular cruise excursions, such as jet skiing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and tubing, among others, are often excluded by travel insurance policies. This means, in the event of an illness or injury that occurs while participating in the excluded excursion, all related travel insurance claims will be denied. This includes medical or interruption claims.

How can I get travel insurance for excursions?

Travel insurance policies with the Sports & Activities benefit are designed to cover travelers who are participating in sports or adventurous activities, including excursions, that may otherwise be excluded. With this benefit, travelers can denote which activities they plan to partake in to search for a policy that is well-suited for their needs. In addition to popular excursions, some of these policies can also cover travelers while participating more adventurous activities, such as windsurfing and scuba diving.

To search for travel insurance to cover your excursions, travelers can use Squaremouth’s Adventure Travel Insurance activity selection matrix.