What if I need to extend my travel insurance policy?

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Travel insurance policies are designed to cover travelers from the day they leave home until the day they return home. Typically, once the traveler begins a trip, changes cannot be made to a policy. However, many travelers question whether their coverage will extend if an unforeseen event like a flight delay or illness prevents them from returning home as scheduled.

Many single trip travel insurance plans will extend automatically if a trip is prolonged beyond the period of coverage for a reason outside the traveler’s control. In most cases, coverage will extend for seven days or until the traveler returns home, whichever comes first.

If travelers choose to extend their vacation beyond the originally scheduled return date by choice, they may not have the option to extend their coverage unless their policy is renewable. This is usually only available with international medical plans.

Renewable plans allow travelers to purchase additional amounts of coverage as long as they do so before the policy is set to expire. Travelers should keep in mind, however, that some plans require a minimum initial purchase period and may also have a maximum amount of time for which coverage can be purchased. For example, the Safe Travels International plan from Trawick International allows travelers who purchase a minimum of three months’ coverage to renew their policies as long as the total period of coverage does not exceed 24 months.

Travelers should refer to their specific policy’s description of coverage to determine if plans can be extended or renewed. Travelers should also be aware of any related requirements.